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jimhei (site web) Le 30/01/2013

4Ghz remote supervision are all standard configurationsThe Yokomo launched the new 12 young R12C (one-twelfth thrilling unexciting road vehicles),the R12C is unequivocally parrot the chariots of the 12 young world hero Naoto Matsukura used in 2012Above these upgrade RC Tanks components can provide larger build up performance and weight distribution,the steering response is more sensitive, the automobile becomes easier to manipulateSWorkz launched S350 BK1 off-road vehicle PSP upgrade circumscribed printing(upgrade pro tackle Power Steering Package)The JConcepts launched 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 auto shell (Chevrolet) to Traxxas Rustler usedThe new product SP is suitable for the F1 remote subdue motor car of various brands to useAll this for most people only dreamThe Carl
0 passenger car shellBittydesign upgrade their own Potency series car shell,launched 2The RB aim is to cut out the new jalopy be easy to manage and profess, I on that it will soon be on sale in the RC Helicopters globalP0 product is the jalopy shell of Losi eight off-road vehicles used,the head of the motor car shell encompassing change,new frontage approach seeks to reduce steering aggressiveness,the overall power reaction becomes more neutralAll this in the interest most people only dreamAbove these upgrade components can provide better frame level performance and weight parceling out,the steering response is more sensitive, the car becomes easier to employ Robby Gordon is a versatile racer,from NASCAR races to cross-country short membership card races all make success

Pierre Azuélos (site web) Le 01/07/2012

Bienvenu aux amis d'Afrique dans l'univers, sympathique et difficile, du cinéma d'animation !
L'Afrique est souvent présente sur les écrans, depuis 1986 (Claude Le Gallou (France) a réalisé PRINCESSE YENNENGA dans le studio que j'ai dirigé, puis, bien sûr, vint Michel OCELOT..)
Mais il faut vraiment que vous réussissiez à réaliser (avec les outils d'aujourd'hui, c'est accessible) de nombreux films, et aussi que vous sous dégagiez bientôt de la seule illustration de vos contes, légendes et mythes.

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